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[2018, First Semester]


Welcome to 204100, Information Technology and Modern Life (section 701) Make sure to check back at this page regularly for announcements and important news. Please also subscribe to the facebook group of this class for a more real-time channel of communications.


  • IMPORTANT: Corrections for assignments due before Midterm Exam will not be accepted after the midnight before Midterm Exam.
  • For assignments that requires you to submit files, you can do that using the file submission system here:
  • You will need a Google Account for this class. If you have not got a Google Account yet, you can apply for one here.
  • You can check your assignment submission status <TBA>. Note that we will NOT be using the scoreboard that comes with the file submission system.

Schedule of Classes

Section 701

  • Lecture: Tu 12:30 - 14:30 @ CSB210
  • Lab: Fr 12:30 - 14:30 @ CSB307


Section 701: Prakarn Unachak

  • Office hours: Monday: 2:30pm-4:00pm, Thursday: 2:30pm-4:00pm
  • Office: CSB 107


The course grade will be calculated as follows:

  • Homework & Take-home Assignment: 25%.
  • In-Lab Exercise: 10%.
  • Presentation: 5%
  • Midterm Exam: 30%.
  • Final Exam 30%.
  • Exams will be multiple choice

Assignment Submission

Lab assignments are divided into two categories. In-lab assignments are to be finished and shown to the instructor during the lab hour. Take-home exercises are longer assignment intended to be finished a week after it is handed out. Both are to be submitted electronically on the course website unless specifically noted otherwise. The URL for assignment submission is For those of you who have not received the username and password for assignment submission, please contact me at or facebook message me.

The checklist for submitted assignments can be viewed here: <TBA> ( Note: You'll only get credit for an assignment if you have either FULL (full) or PARTIAL (half) for it. If the instructor feel that you need to rework your assignment before you can get full credit, you'll get a PARTIAL, where you need to make correction and submit the assignment again, before either Midterm or Final exam, depending on when the assignment is issued. A NO CREDIT will be assigned to an assignment if either (1) A hard deadline of either Midterm or Final exam has passed, or (2) There is a reason for me to believe that you have copied other's work (please don't do this). Unfortunately, you cannot fix NO CREDIT.

Homework assigned during lecture sessions are either in paper form, where it must be submitted to the instructor at the start of the next lecture session, or web form, which need to be completed online.

File Submission System (Getting Account & Using The System)

Some assignments will require you to submit a file as your work. For this, you need to use the department's file submission system. You can access the file submission system by following this link: and follow these steps:

  • Login with account (the same on you use for Jumbo Net)
  • To upload a file
  1. Select the course you want to send the file for
  2. Click “Choose File” and select the file you want to upload (The file can not be larger than 15MB and does not have .exe extension)
  3. Click “Upload”
  4. If the upload is successful, you will see the file and the upload timestamp on the file list

If you want to remove a file, click Delete

===== Notes =====

A. If you don't see the course you want to submit a file, or if you have any problems submitting a file, contact the instructor ASAP
B. If you submit a file whose name is already in the list, the new file will overwrite the old file.

Collaboration and Cheating

For homework assignment, students are allowed to discuss the assignments and/or get help from other students. In such circumstance, however, students are required to write down the name of the person the discussion has been made with. Also, each student must write down the answers in his/her own words. Assignment copying is considered cheating and will be penalized accordingly.

Assignment Due Date and Late Policy

In-lab exercise are due midnight the day it is issued, at 11:59pm. Preferably, you will finish and submit the exercise during the lab hour. In-lab assignment WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AFTER DUE DATE If you cannot attend lab that day, you need to contact the instructor to hand in the in-lab assignment at later date.

Take-home assignments are due one to two weeks after it is issued, at 11:59pm. So if an assignment is given this Tuesday, it is due next Monday at 11:59pm (unless stated otherwise on the assignment sheet.) Substantial work on that assignment need to be submitted no later than the due date.

Corrections are due before midterm exam will only be accept until midnight before midterm exam. Those due after midterm will only be accept until midnight before final exam.

Holiday & Important Days

Holiday & Important Days Date

Course Schedule (Tentative)

Week Lecture Lab
01 (January 8th, 11th) Introduction MS Word
02 (January 15th, 18th) Computer Systems MS Word
03 (January 22th, 25th) Computer Systems MS Word
04 (January 29th, February 1st) Computer Networks MS PowerPoint
05 (February 5th, 8th) Online Services MS PowerPoint
06 (February 12th, 15th) Basic of Web Design Google Sites
07 (February 19th, 22nd) – No Class – Google Sites
08 (February 26th, March 1st) – No Class – – No Class –
Midterm Exam (March 6th, 2019 (Wedensday), 12:00pm-2:00pm @ TBA)
09 (March 12th, 15th) Data Processing Google Form
10 (March 19th, 22nd) Database in Everyday Life MS Excel
11 (March 26th, 29th) Computer Ethics and Security MS Excel
12 (April 2nd, 5th) Presentation MS Excel
13 (April 9th, 12th) Presentation MS Access
14 (April 16th, 19th) – Songkran – MS Access
15 (April 23th, 26rd) Presentation MS Access
Final Exam (May 8th, 2019 (Sunday), 3:30pm-5:30pm @ TBA )

Handouts & Assignments

Slides Assignment (due date) File Naming Format
#0.1: Creating Google Account Google Account
#0.2: Google Drive Google Drive
#0.3: Office 365 Office 365
#0.4: MS Windows MS Windows
Midterm Materials
#01: Computer System Computer System
#02: MS Word pt.01-04
Example: main document
Example: recipient list 01
Example: recipient list 02
#03: Computer Networks & The Internet The Internet
#04: Online Services Online Services
#05: MS PowerPoint pt.01-06
#06: Basic of Web Design Web Design
#07: Google Sites Google Sites
Example Website
Final Materials
#08: Data Processing Data Processing
#09: Database & Everyday Life Database
#10: Computer Ethics and Security Ethics & Security
#11: Google Form Google Form
#12: Ms Excel pt.01
#13: Ms Access 01 - Intro & Table
02 - Form
03 - Query
04 - Report
05 - Relationship

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