204217: Computer Programming Language (1/2019)

Class meeting: 14.30-16.30
Tuesday @ CSB 308 and Friday @ CSB 202

Instructor: Jakramate Bootkrajang
Office hours : 13.30-14.30 Tuesday,Friday @ CSB 107

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Course outline
1.Computational Thinking
2.Fundamental of programming
Variables and data type
Expressions and assignments
4.Conditionals and Boolean logic
6.File I/O
7.Data structure
String, Array
8.Data manipulation process
List comprehension
Lambda, filter, map, reduce
9.Scientific computing package
Numpy, Scipy, Matplotlib

Class schedule

DateLab (Tue) CSB 308DateLecture (Fri) CSB 202 Homework
6 Aug (LAB) Jupyter notebook [Slides] 9 Aug Computational Thinking [Slides] -
13 Aug (LAB) Syntax, semantics, expressions [Slides] 16 Aug Basic functions [Slides] HW1 [sol]
20 Aug [No class] Science Week 23 Aug Recursive functions [Slides] HW2[sol]
27 Aug (LAB) function 1 (DNA sequence analysis) [Slides] 30 Aug Conditionals [Slides] HW3[sol]
3 Sep (LAB) function 2 [Slides] 6 Sep Iterations [Slides] HW4
10 Sep (LAB) conditionals [Slides]
(LAB) single loop [Slides]
13 Sep No class
17 Sep File I/O [Slides] 20 Sep Iterations 2 [Slides]
Version control [Slides]
23 Sep (LAB) File manipulation [Slides] 27 Sep Preparation for exam
30 Sep - 6 Oct Midterm Examination
8 Oct (LAB) nested loops [Slides] 11 Oct String and Array [Slides] HW6
15 Oct (LAB) String and Array [Slides] 18 Oct Dictionary and Set [Slides] HW7
22 Oct (LAB) Set, Dictionary [Slides] 25 Oct Numpy, Scipy [Slides] HW8
29 Oct (LAB) Numpy, Scipy [Slides] 1 Nov Matplotlib, Pandas [Slides]
5 Nov (LAB) Matplotlib, Pandas [Slides] [dataset] 8 Nov Scikit-learn [Slides] Project
12 Nov (LAB) Scikit-learn [dataset][Notebook] 15 Nov Term project
19 Nov Project presentation 22 Nov Preparation for exam
25 Nov - 4 Dec Final Examination

Midterm 30 %
Final 30 %
Assignments 12 x 3 = 36 %
Attendance 4 %

Useful resources
Data Science from scratch
Python Data science handbook
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