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Activities and fall dataset

from “A fall alert system with prior-fall activity identification” by Pisol Ruenin, Sarayut Techakaew, Patsakorn Towatrakool and, Jakarin Chawachat.

Activity dataset


This activity dataset was built from the recordings of 15 healthy volunteers composed of 13 males and 2 females in the age range 18-49 years and the height range between 150 to 183 cm.

All subjects signed a consent form before participating in the experiments. Each person performing activities of daily living (ADL) while attaching sensors on 5 positions on the subject body. The sensors are attached on the right arm (upper arm), the left chest (shirt pocket), the left wrist, and the left foot (ankle) of each participant. There are 11 activities including walking, walking upstairs, walking downstairs, jumping, jumping jack, running, sitting, sit up, stand, Sit and then stand up, and Stand and then sit down, which are labeled with WALK, WALK_UP, WALK_DOWN, JUMP, JUMPING_JACK, RUN, SIT, SITUP, STAND, UP and DOWN respectively.

The sensor signals (accelerometer and gyroscope) were pre-processed by applying the Butterworth low-pass filter and then sampled in fixed-width sliding windows of 2.04 sec (102 readings/window). Each record consists of activity label, 102 sets of 3-axis accelerometer (Ax,Ay,Az) and 3-axis gyroscope (Gx,Gy,Gz) in the Cartesian coordinate system. There are 14,535 records from arm location, 15,030 records from chest location, 14,143 records from foot location, 16,753 records from leg location, and 12,944 records from wrist location. There are 73,405 records in total.

Download Activity Dataset here.

Table 1: The number of records for each activity in each sensor location.

arm chest foot leg wrist
WALK 2615 2472 2476 2836 2114
SIT 2209 2550 2312 2727 2276
WALK_UP 2006 2202 2015 2434 2006
RUN 1932 1965 1877 2123 1537
WALK_DOWN 1837 2012 1802 2164 1741
STAND 1751 1704 1547 1903 1522
DOWN 701 588 646 753 503
UP 645 611 629 750 499
JUMP 463 444 478 526 413
SIT_UP 225 325 203 387 224
JUMPING_JACK 151 157 158 150 109
Total 14535 15030 14143 16753 12944

Fall dataset

This fall dataset was built from the recordings of 4 healthy male volunteers in the age range 18 - 38 years and the height range between 165 to 183 cm.

The subjects were collected falls data in 8 directions (North (in front of the subjects), North-East, East, South-East, South(back of the subjects), South-West, West, and North-West) and falls to their knees first in 5 directions (North (in front of the subjects), North-East, East, West, and North-West). The sensor is attached to the left chest (shirt pocket) on each subject body.

Each record consists of direction label follow by 20 G−Force value. There are 64 records of fall and 40 records of fall to their knee first.

Download Fall Dataset here.

Download Fall to their knee first here.

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