215433: Micro-Bioinformatics (Programming part)

Lecturer: Jakramate Bootkrajang
Office hours: 17.00-18.00 Tuesday,Friday @ CSB 107
Email: jakramate.b@cmu.ac.th

Worksheet Link
Class meeting: 28 Jan and 5 Jan 2017
Language: Python
Outline Note: All of the materials are from Dalke Scientific Website
1. Introduction to Python [Slides]
2. String in Python [Slides]
3. Variables and References in Python [Slides]
4. Lists and for loop [Slides1] [Slides2]
5. The if statement [Slides]
Exercise 1 Exercise 1
6. Code blocks and indentation [Slides]
7. Functions [Slides]
8. Dictionary [Slides]
9. BioPython module [Slides1] [Slides2]
Exercise 2 Exercise 2

Useful resources
Problem Solving with Algorithms and Data Structures Using Python: Brad Miller,David Ranum [PDF]
Think Python - How to Think Like a Computer Scientist, Allen Downey [PDF]
Online Material
Introduction to Programming for Bioinformatics in Python
BioPython Tutorial
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