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 ====== Activities and fall dataset ====== ====== Activities and fall dataset ======
 +from "**A fall alert system with prior-fall activity identification**"​ by Pisol Ruenin, Sarayut Techakaew, Patsakorn Towatrakool and, Jakarin Chawachat. ​
 ===== Activity dataset ===== ===== Activity dataset =====
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 ===== Fall dataset ===== ===== Fall dataset =====
 +This fall dataset was built from the recordings of 4 healthy male volunteers in the age range 18 - 38 years and the height range between 165 to 183 cm. 
 +The subjects were collected falls data in 8 directions (North (in front of the subjects), North-East, East, South-East, South(back of the subjects), South-West, West, and North-West) and falls to their knees first in 5 directions (North (in front of the subjects), North-East, East, West, and North-West). The sensor is attached to the left chest (shirt pocket) on each subject body.
 +Each record consists of direction label follow by 20 G−Force value. There are 64 records of fall and 40 records of fall to their knee first.
 +Download {{ :​ |Fall Dataset}} here.
 +Download {{ :​ |Fall to their knee first}}here.
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