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Dr. Churee Techawut

Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science
Chiang Mai University

Email :

Research Interests

Human-Computer Interaction, Information Visualization, Knowledge Engineering

Researches and publications

• C. Techawut and K. Jaroenchai. Technique of Semantic Unambiguity for a Concept Selection of Terms in Focused Contexts with Reinforcement Learning Integration. International Journal of Computer and Information Technology (IJCIT), 2279-0764, 2021.

• P. Khunsongkiet, J. Bootkrajang, and C. Techawut. Patch Relational Covariance Distance Similarity Approach for Image Ranking in Content-Based Image Retrieval. International Conference on Computer and Communications Management (ICCCM), 38-43, 2020.

• N. Kanjanakuha, P. Janecek, and C. Techawut. The Comprehensibility Assessment of Visualization of Semantic Data Representation (VSDR) Reflecting User Capability of Knowledge Exploration and Discovery. ACM International Conference Proceeding Series, 195-199, 2019.

• K. Jaroenchai and C. Techawut. Know-Ont based ontology modeling approach for skill knowledge extraction. International Journal of Knowledge Engineering (IJKE), 4(2):81-86, 2018.

• N. Kanjanakuha, C. Techawut, R. Sukhahuta, and P. Janecek. VSDR: Visualization of Semantic Data Representation for Information Search over Semantic Web. International Journal of Machine Learning and Computing (IJMLC), 7(5):105-109, 2017.

• C. Techawut, R. Sukhahuta,P. Manochai, J. Visithpanich, and Y. Khaosumain. Easy Knowledge Engineering and Usability Evaluation of Longan Knowledge-Based System: JIST-WP 2016, CEUR Workshop Proceedings, Volume 1741, 28-39, 2016.

• C. Techawut, L. Tepweerapong, and C. Haruechaiyasak. An Evaluation Study of the Automating Metadata Interoperability Model at Schema Level: A Case Study of the Digital Thai Lanna Archive: ICADL 2014, LNCS 8839, Springer International Publishing Switzerland, 2014, 98-106.

• C. Techawut, R. Sukhahuta, J. Visitpanich, Y. Khaosumain, and P. Manochai. A Development of Knowledge Management for Easy Knowledge: Case study of knowledge of Longan. Technical Report of Agricultural Research Development Agency (Public Organization), 2014.

• C. Techawut, P. Inkeaw, J. Chaijaruwanich, and T. Hutangkura. The Metadata Schema Design and Utility Architecture for Thai Lanna Inscription Collection. In S.R. Urs, J.C. Na, and G. Buchanan (Eds.): ICADL 2013, LNCS 8279, Springer International Publishing Switzerland, 2013, 157-160.

• L. Thepweerapong and C. Techawut. Experimental Study on Automating Metadata Interoperability Model among Application Profiles at Simple Level. In CMU Graduate Research Conference, Chiang Mai, Thailand, November 2012, 195-202.

• C. Techawut. Metadata Creation: Application for Thai Lanna Historical and Traditional Archives. In G. Chowdhury, C. Koo and J. Hunter, editors, The Role of Digital Libraries in a Time of Global Change. LNCS 6102, 144-147, 2010. Heidelberg Springer-Verlag.

• C.Techawut. The Study of the Design Synergy of E-learning Applications and Human-Computer Interaction for Effective Learning. In International Conference on Knowledge, Information and Creativity Support Systems (KICSS), Chiang Mai, Thailand, November 2010.

• C.Techawut. Data Collection and Analysis for Metadata Creation of Thai Lanna Historical and Traditional Archives for Effective General Utilization. In International Joint Conference on Computer Science and Software Engineering (JCSSE), Bangkok, Thailand, May 2010.

• U. Roongruangsri, K. Akkarachinores, S. Sukin, J. Jitasungwaro, S. Chayasupo, P. SangBoon, C. Techawut, and J. Chaijaruwanich. Electronic Lanna Literary Project, Technical Report of National Science and Technology Development Agency (Northern Network), 2009.

Scholarly Services

• Technical Committee for International Conference on Computer and Communications Management 2019

• Vice President and Secretary of the International Conference on Asia-Pacific Digital Libraries 2014

• Technical Committee for Academic Articles at The International Computer Science and Engineering Conference (ICSEC) 2013-2014

• Academic Committee for The First ASEAN Plus Three Graduate Research Congress and The First Forum of the Deans of ASEAN Plus Three Graduate Schools 2012

• Technical Committee for Academic Articles and Academic Committee for International and National Computer Science and engineering Conference 2010

• Operational Committee for Workshop on UniNet Network and Computer Application and Computer Information Technologies (WUNCA&CIT) 2008


Courses Name
204821 Scientific Visualization
204365 Human-Computer Interaction
204726 Design and Management of Database System
204321 Database System I
204100 IT and Modern Life

Supervised Doctoral student

• Piyavach Khunsongkiet. Object arrangement feature descriptor for improving visual object characterization: A case study of content-based image retrieval (2017-2021)

• Natanun Kanjanakuha. Visualization of semantic data representation (VSDR) for information search over semantic web by using hyperbolic tree (2014-2019)

Supervised Master’s student

• Khananat Jareonchai. Ontology modeling approach of knowledge extraction from multidimensional table: a case study of jump shot in basketball (2014-2019)

• Lalita Tepweerapong. Experimental study on automating metadata interoperability model among application profiles (2010-2014)

Supervised undergraduate students

• Sitthichai Luangsaeng. Purchase order system for Online request (Project with CSI Thailand) (2019)

• Pongsit Yayapao. Statistical process control system (Project with Murata Electronics Thailand) (2019)

• Natthapong Jantawong. Mobile application for finding service locations and emergency calls: a case study of motorcycle repairing service (2018)

• Nattapong Hankwang. The health assessment and instructive system (2016)

• Nithipat Thanabavornviwat. The development of application program and user interface for metadata interoperability: a case study of metadata for digital Lanna manuscripts (2014)

• Arisara Daovee. Computer Assisted Instruction program with two-dimensional animation for Autistic child (2011)

• Patarapol Kerdkham. Database development for controlling external budgets of Wat Rongwou school (2010)

• Suphunika Punya. The application of multipoint technology in the Taking-a-test program (2010)

• Tanaporn Duangkhamjan. Students’ aptitude data management system for Banlaita school (2010)

• Chakapong Wongkhamfoojareon. The development of teacher and student database system of Wat Rongwou school (2010)

• Siriyaporn Srichum. Computer Assisted Instruction for English vocabulary learning development by using user interaction technique (2009)

• Jarupan Pinyatanabat. Collaboration tool (2006)

• Krissanarak Sutham. Golf tournament organizing system (2006)

• Ammara Thangchaiphum. The shared calendar systems for meeting arrangement (2006)

• Aimorn Somjai. Course planning system (2006)

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