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Thapanapong Rukkanchanunt

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Contact Info

  • Office: 239 Huaykaew Road, Suthep Sub District, Mueang District, Chiang Mai 50200 THAILAND
  • Tel: +6653943412
  • Email:



  • 1/2022: 204252 Data Structure and Analysis [Topics]
  • 2/2022: 204311 Mobile Application Development Framework [Topics]
  • 1/2023: 204252 Data Structure and Analysis (Tentative)
  • 2/2023: 204311 Mobile Application Development Framework (Tentative)

About Me

I started off with a strong theoretical background during my undergrad study. Then, I took interest in computer vision and expanded my knowledge to remote sensing while I pursued Ph.D. in Japan.

I like Pokemon and play the games, both VGC and TCG, at semi-competitive level. I also like chess and other board games.

My main research interests are computer vision and artificial intelligence. Some past research problems include 3D localization for construction site inspection, cross-modal image registration and image alignment between the infrared and RGB cameras. I’m currently transitioning into reinforcement learning, for which my current project is to develop an algorithm to maintain the cognitive ability of dementia patients using reinforcement learning techniques. I am also exploring integrating LiDAR sensors into various virtual reality applications..

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